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Evening Deal - Rubinstein Restaurant in Y Center Poleg, Netanya

Evening Deal - Rubinstein Restaurant in Y Center Poleg, Netanya

The price includes a first course
During the meal you can enjoy red / white wine in the glass, unlimited for 35 NIS per person
The menu is valid from Sunday to Wednesday


Chicken liver pâté
served with shallot jam and
homemade toasted brioche.
Sirloin carpaccio
with virgin olive oil, aged balsamic
vinegar and sprinkles of parmigiano
reggianno, served with bread.
Chicken wings
12 chicken wings sautéed in sweet
and spicy chili sauce.
Baladi eggplant
Baladi eggplant served with tahini,
house bread.
Grilled Artichoke
served with cherry tomato salsa and
limited balsamic vinegar.


Hamburger | 88 NIS
220 ground entrecote served on a toasted bun,
lettuce, tomato, pickles, and purple onion rings.
Rubinstein Kebab | 88 NIS
3 juicy pieces made of a beef mixture with Rubinstein's
unique seasoning, served with tahini.
Home-style Chorizos | 88 NIS
3 South American sausages
served with sweet chili sauce.
Rubinstein Schnitzel | 88 NIS
Baby chicken breast covered with bread crumbs,
served with pepper sauce.
Grilled Chicken Breast | 88 NIS
Slices of chicken breast marinated in olive oil and herbs.
Bratwurst | 88 NIS
400g homemade sausage served with sweet chili sauce.
Pasta Olio Olio | 88 NIS
Linguini / penne with olive oil, garlic and herbs.
Pullet Steak | 95 NIS
300g chicken thigh served with teriyaki sauce.
Carbonara | 97 NIS
Linguine / penne sour cream,
smoked duck breast, chives and parmesan
Salmon Fillet | 113 NIS
with citrus miso sauce
Rubinstein Ribs | 118 NIS
Smoked pork ribs served in plum and lemon grass sauce.
Butchers skewers | 120 NIS
300g aged meat with Chimichurri sauce

Side Orders of Choice

French fries
Green salad
Baked potatoes
Mashed potatoes and yams
Green beans fried with cherry & onion